Friday, December 28, 2012


We spoke with the social worker yesterday. It was fun talking about our last journey and what we are hoping for with this one. Although it seems weird trying to narrow down who we will be matched with. I hate excluding anyone but the social worker was like, geez lady help me out here! Well, not really but she was getting a little flustered because each time she thought she had a direction to go in we would change it up. The thing is whether they are gay or straight, black or white, single or married or spar everyone is deserving of being a parent. So to say no to any particular group seems weird.

We did say no to international. It worries me too much to have the parents that far away and possible language and time zone barriers. Oh except Ireland because that is where both my husband and part of my family came from so having an excuse to visit there would be great. That was my compromise with my husband:)

At the end of the call the social worker stated she has a couple from California that everyone was raving about that they had in mind for us. I still have to finalize and sign off on our commitment letter but it is exciting having a hint of what is waiting for us. The waiting for them will probably seem a hundred years longer than these next few days for us though. But so excited, will they like us, will we like them..oh crap this means needles again, etc. :)

Wish me luck!

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm back

I just got confirmation that I was approved by the IVF doctors to jump back into the surrogate world. I now have a screening call with the social worker to update my profile next Thursday and they will also talk to my husband. Last time his interview took longer than mine, he was so excited about the process:) This gets us closer to matching! I was hoping to be matched by Christmas but this should only put me a few weeks behind that. I would love to transfer around March or April but know it is hard to predict timing on these things!

Monday, November 19, 2012

What's next

It's been 9 weeks since the babies were born. I have 2 friends that are getting ready to be matched this week. One of them was slightly ahead of me and the other is a first time GS. If you had asked me when I started previously I hadn't given any thought to a second journey. I just felt excited and happy to be given the opportunity to help out a family. Now, watching them has got my husband and I excited to think about another journey for ourselves. I have submitted the paperwork. Not much to do at this point since the earliest I could transfer would be March but I'm hoping to have everything done and maybe even match by the end of December. We all know how long these things can take and it would be great to have everything in place:) 3 months is an optomistic view of screenings, contracts, syncing cycles, starting meds, etc. etc. so I can't wait!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birth story part 2

09/13 9:08p.m.
My first nurse after the babies were born wanted to bring them straight into my room, give them a bath and everything. We said no, they should go to the guys room. Then she wanted me to make all the decisions with shots and stuff. My husband finally took her aside and said look,they are the parents, please don't bother my wife with this stuff. She was very nice but just didn't quite get it. After he talked to her it was like a light bulb went on.
Other than some confusion on where the babies go after the birth the hospital staff were amazing. Everyone loved coming in and talking to us and asking questions and getting to know the dads. The dads were in our room as much as I was up for. I have to admit I enjoyed my little break from the kids at home to recuperate and enjoy some alone time with my husband. It was such a bonding experience for us which we didn't expect but enjoyed every moment. It was great to focus on us and talk and laugh and lock ourselves away together for a little while. I really loved seeing the babies with their dads but I didn't really need to see or hold the babies for me. I have my own babies. It is kind of like visiting a friend that just gave birth. You are so excited to see them together but you don't want to take the baby away.
09/15 12:08p.m.
Getting ready to go home from the hospital. Babies were just circumcised. Eating some lunch and then we will have our entourage moved home. The guys are staying with us until they leave Wednesday morning. I think it will be fun to have the kids interact with the babies before they go. The IF's mother that is here is staying at a hotel so she comes for the afternoon and then goes back. The guys are loving every second of babies and also enjoyed their sleep both nights with babies in the nursery so tonight at home will be their first full 24 hours. Wish them luck:)
09/19 10:42a.m.
The guys are furiously packing while my husband and I are relaxing. We had a wonderful last night, planted a tree together, amazing family time with all our family plus theirs. But we are ready to relax and get back to normal. I think them staying with us was really nice, we felt like we have had plenty of time together and got to help them. But we know they are very ready to introduce the boys to their life back home and we are very happy for them. The hospital staff was amazing and made us feel very welcome. It was much easier and more natural than I thought. We are so lucky to have been a part of making this family.
09/23 5:09p.m.
I put on 47 pounds for this pregnancy and all but 9 pounds are gone so far. This cold, as terrible as it has been has probably helped that also. But it is very nice to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and will make going back to work so much easier. I was so worried about how I would feel about myself post pregnancy without any babies to lug around and blame :) but so far so good!
10/22 11:24a.m.
I returned to work at 4 weeks after delivery. I could have gone sooner but didn't want to rush it because of the horrible cold/flu I got. Work was great, they had someone fill my job as a temp so there was no pressure to come back except the pressure I put on myself. It was nice to get back and feel comfortable that everyone was ok with me being gone. We get pictures almost daily from the guys and they call every few days. It is great to see and hear the happiness we were lucky enough to be a part of creating. My husband and I are talking about doing this again:)
Post pregnancy is much easier than I expected. That was the part I was most concerned about going in. I really noticied getting my body back, appreciating sleeping on my stomach, time with my kids, sleeping through the night. I have to say the road to a quick recovery is sleep. I could have gone back to work after a week or two if I had to. It is a lot easier recovering after a surro pregnancy. And I'm loving updates and pictures of the babies but I appreciate not having all that work!!!
Everything about this experience has been amazing. We have what is sure to be a lifelong friendship with our new extended family.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birth Story

I can't believe it has been 8 weeks already since we had these babies. I had been updating on my agencies forum and didn't realize I completely missed updating here. Here is my last belly picture at 37 weeks:
09/13 1:45p.m. Dilated to a 4. Waiting on the doctor to break the first bag of water. Epidural in place. Guys are super excited but it is nice they aren't impatient about how long it will take. The epidural did take a couple of tries and I had a scare but all has calmed down and I'm much better now and looking forward to introducing the babies to their daddies. We just got the ok that both dads can be in the operating room for the delivery with my husband which is big news! After I posted this the doctor came in about 3:30p.m. to break my water. I think I was still at a 4 or 5. After that things really started moving. The doctor checked me again and I was at a 7 so they decided to move us to the operating room. The guys and my husband got on their fancy scrubs, took lots of pictures of themselves and then we got moving. I was worried that the operating room would be less personal and intimidating but knew it was a necessity with twins. While it was when we first arrived, such a bright steril room we were soon surrounded by about 10 of the most excited nurses and doctors that it was a great experience. The worse part was when they moved me to the other bed, my husband was holding my leg and put it down without paying attention (he forgot I was completely numb) and it dropped off the side of the bed banging around as it went:) It is nice to have something to hold over him...remember that time... anyway then they moved me and they couldn't figure out the other bed and they had me turned on my side, 5 people holding me and I kept thinking I was going to fall (after all my leg had already taken a tumble). Once that was sorted out we got moving. At first the guys stayed against the wall nervous and out of the way but once I started pushing they were right there encouraging me on and of course my husband was my rock through the entire thing. It took about 3 pushes and baby A was born at 5:17p.m. weighing 5lbs1oz. Then baby B started having trouble with low heartrate caused by the cord being tangled so even though my contractions hadn't started back up we got to work. I was not going to have a C-Section after making it this far so I pushed with everything I had and with the help of our amazing doctor and my husband coaching me through baby B was out by 5:31p.m. at 6lbs1oz. Suddenly the guys had the whole operating room crying because they just were in such disbelief that everything they had been waiting for was right in front of them. Also they had talked one of the operating room nurses to become their film crew so they were able to get the whole thing recorded (except my parts I didn't want to disclose) and she stayed with them for about an hour after the birth:) After that we went back to our room exhausted and happy and ready to eat. The guys requested a room right across the hall and got to work being parents.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

37 weeks 1 day - Induction

Monday we found out that both heads ardown...yeah!! One of the babies slowed down on his growth so the doctor decided now was a good time so baby time!!!! Dilated to 3. Getting ready for epidural. Here we go!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

36 weeks

36 weeks. It is such a relief to hit this milestone. I feel like if I have the energy and want to do something I can actually do it without worrying. Of course I'm usually so tired there isn't much I do anyway but still:). I'm dilated to 2 and starting to thin out. I was up most of the night with contractions. They were 5 minutes apart and still painful even taking Tylenol but never got unbearable, just exhausting. I think that is what got me to a 2 today. We have a big weekend thing at the church next door where they have games and bouncy houses and BBQ and pancake feeds. It has been my goal to holdout so the kids (and I) get to enjoy it. Once Sunday afternoon comes though I would be happy to go into labor:). I can't imagine making it 2 more weeks. But I'll take whatever is best for the babies!! Ok, time for a nap!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

34 weeks today!

What a huge twin pregnancy milestone. I'm so relieved we made it this far. The dads have bought out the baby stores, taken baby care 101 classes, they have infant CPR this weekend. Everything seems to be falling into place and we are actually going to be delivering these babies soon! The babies are 4 1/2 pounds and almost 5 lbs. Everyone is super excited. For those of you wondering the differences of twin pregnancy versus a singleton my experience has been very much the same until about 32 weeks. I think my body pretty much felt like it hit full term. Very tired, lots of contractions, hard to sleep because my hips were pretty sore. At 33 weeks my doctor took me off work and that has been a tremendous help. It shocked me initially but I am very thankful now. Getting lots of rest has helped. We have also had someone come in to help me in the evenings when my husband is out of town for work and she prepares all our meals. All of these things have been crucial to being content to letting these babies continue baking a little while longer. The other big difference is that these stubborn boys I'm carrying seem determined to stay bottoms down. The doctor finally scheduled me a C Section for September 18th, week 38. In the meantime we are hoping (but not holding our breath) that baby A will turn head down. At least this gives me a few weeks to mentally prepare for the possibility of surgery which I haven't experienced before. The biggest thing is that these boys are born healthy and happy and we are almost there! Side note: even though I am getting SO big I don't seem to have that scary twin belly that I've seen from googling twin bellies:). Huge relief!

Friday, July 27, 2012

30 weeks

I've read the average for twin births are around 35 weeks.  My doctor will induce at 38 weeks if we haven't delivered.  And to be honest once I found out it was twins I never thought I'd make it out of August without delivering (puts me right over 35 weeks) and just hoped I'd be able to keep these little boys in long enough that they would be born healthy. 

Twins, you just never know..(quoting my idiot first OB who I'm glad moved practices and led me to my new wonderful positive encouraging OB).

Anyway, now that I'm 30 weeks I've got to say I'm doing pretty great and let's just say this isn't something you do on your own, this is something you do as a family and I have one AMAZING family.  We've taken on a little extra help at home and I definitely have days where laying down wears me out but overall I'm healthy and happy.  And if these kicks and moves and hiccups are any indication these babies are doing just fine also:)  I'm still working full time and just can't imagine where the time has gone.

I'm also still not anywhere near that I just want this over with part of pregnancy where delivering babies out your whooha seems like a better idea them carrying around safe and sound inside of you:)

I've had some people ask me if I would be a surrogate again.  My answer has always been we will see how the last part of a twin pregnancy goes (assuming bed rest, misery, complications).  I've never had this experience before and I have been very nervous about not knowing what to expect and how it would impact our family.  But most of the fear has seem to have gone.  The happiness of bringing these bundles of joy to their parents has always been here and just gets better the closer it gets for us.  So I'm not really sure what the answer is, and of course our family will determine the best course for itself but it doesn't seem like it is out of the question for the reasons I thought would be the most obvious. 

However, I am 39 so that may be its own deciding factor!!  Either way we would never trade this experience for anything.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

29 weeks

We had our appointments with the MFM and OB on Monday and our Ifs were able to attend.  Everything looks great except....Baby A, who has been head down this entire time is now breech.  UGH!!  I know there is still time for them to turn HOWEVER both babies are spooning (aww-so cute) heads up, backs to my left side, feet on my lower right side.  I'm afraid they have finally found a comfortable spot without kicking each other in the head and they may stay there for the duration. 

I also found out that my glucose test came back at 135.  So I passed...barely.  The cutoff is usually between 130-140 to make you do the 3 hour test.  Luckily my doctor isn't interested in torturing me.  Phew!! 

Our IFs went to the water park with us on Sunday and we had a fantastic day.  It is so great to see them involve the kids in everything and make them feel a part of this whole process.  It truly is a family endeavor. 

Here is the 29 week twin baby bump:

Excuse the background shot of our bathroom!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

28 weeks

28 weeks tomorrow!  I'm so happy we have made it this far without any complications.  Even the swelling seems to have gone away..for now.  I had my 1 hour glucose test yesterday and PASSED.  I'm not sure why I was so sure I would fail.  I never have before.  Probably all the Ben & Jerry ice cream I'm addicted to:) 

The dads will be here this weekend and will get to meet my OB for the first time on Monday.  I'm hopeful they will like him.  We also meet with the MFM for the growth ultrasound.  Last month one of the babies was measuring ahead 1 week so we are finally starting to see differences in size.  I'm curious to see where they are at now. 

My OB just moved me up to every 2 week appointments.  Seems like the countdown is on.  This will be all over in 10 weeks or less.  CRAZY!  I can't believe how fast this time has gone.  So happy to see the guys excitement as the time gets closer to them being able to hold their babies.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

26 weeks

26 weeks and I'm still doing pretty good.  When I feel great I'm great.  There are other times though where I can't actually stand up without help, have little jabbing pains (be nice babies!), am out of breath and the swelling has started.  I'm still forgetting those moments mostly in the day to day and tell everyone that asks how easy it has been so far carrying 2 :)  I'm sure that may shift in the coming weeks but I'm enjoying it for now.  I think the fact that I'm still sleeping great all night helps!

I will say that the travelling WORE ME OUT.  We had cancelled/delayed flights, lots of lines and layovers that we didn't plan on.  I spent Monday sleeping just trying to catch up with it all.  Glad this is our last trip for the summer. 

We spent this past weekend visiting the daddies.  They both were able to feel their baby boys kicking.  What a great feeling for us.  These are the moments that make all this worthwhile, fun and exciting!  I don't think people understand how humbled we are to be given the responsibility to carry this wonderful couple's babies. 

Here is a picture of one of the daddies feeling their babies move for the first time:

Friday, June 15, 2012

24 Weeks

I can't believe we have made it this far already.  24 weeks 2 days and everything is going pretty great.  I do get super miserable by around 8 or 9 p.m. and am DONE each day.  I'm still sleeping good though so that really helps restart me each day. 

My back is starting to get pretty irritated at me by around 1pm at work.  I've brought in a pillow for my chair and went to the chiropractor today.  I think this will become a regular appointment. 

My monthly MFM appointment is on Monday.  It feels like everything is super smooth so I really hope the appointment reflects that.  My husband and I are taking a trip to NY  next weekend so everything really hinges on getting a good report from the doctor.  We are lucky enough to get to spend a weekend with the daddies and show off my (their) baby bump to their friends:)  We are very excited, especially because we get to leave our kids at home!!  We are due for a date 'weekend' since it is hard to fit date night into our big busy family. 

I've seen a few posts about flying while pregnant recently.  Hopefully I'm early enough it won't be too miserable!!  This will be it for us for travel until after the babies are born.

Here is a 24 week pic:   (ignore the PJ bottoms)

Monday, June 4, 2012

New OB

Today was my first appointment with my new OB.  He was fantastic and I am so relieved.  He seems very capable and confident and shared a lot of information.  MUCH different than the OB I started seeing.  I go back in 4 weeks, then starts every 2 weeks from there.  He did check my cervix.  He said there is some opening on the outside but the inside where it counts is high and closed. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

22 Weeks

22 weeks today!  2 more weeks to viability which I never gave any thought to with my singleton pregnancies but now with twins each week seems so important.  My stomach feels completely stretch to the limits at times even though I know there is more room in there.  I'm no where near yet where I got to in my other pregnancies, I just think that I'm getting there faster so my skin is not so happy.  I fill so full all the time, or starving.  There doesn't seem to be any in between.  I'm also up 20 lbs.  It was 25 lbs. but I cut down on the Ben & Jerrys Ice 

All in all I'm doing great.  I'm still having contractions but they aren't at all consistent.  The daddies are on a babymoon.  I'm happy they scheduled it this early.  They will be back by 23 weeks.  If they had gone later in the pregnancy I would be a nervous wreck.  So I'm hoping for June to be a nice enjoyable month, and then to spend a lot of time on the couch in July catching my breath.  I'm not even thinking about August and being 31-35 weeks pregnant with twins:)  I'm curious if I'll be able to work full time until the end.  I can't imagine hauling myself from the parking garage to my office at that point!!

Honestly although I'm more nervous about being pregnant with twins there isn't much noticeable difference so far.  I'm out of breath quite a lot.  My energy comes and goes.  Nothing that would be striking enough though I think that if I hadn't known I was having twins that I would know the difference.  I am starting to feel the babies more often but even that is still pretty faint due to the anterior placentas.  And most people seemed surprised I don't look bigger.  No one seems to think I look ready to deliver yet:)  So I'm just enjoying things so far.

Here is a picture of 21 weeks after spending a few hours at the pool with the kids:

Notice the stretch marks from previous pregnancies shining through.  I hold out no hope for this one!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

20 weeks!

20 weeks 5 days actually:)  It seems like such a milestone even though knowing my Doctor doesn't plan on letting me go past 37 weeks we are already past the halfway mark.  Only a little over 3 short weeks to viability.  The guys were here for the ultrasound today with the MFM.  Everything looked great.  Babies are measuring right on track, within 1 day of each other and both are 13ounces.  I think the guys also enjoyed seeing and walking around with an obviously pregnant woman in their midst.  Every little bit makes this feel more real.

I have felt very rested and have had energy the last few days and with everything that we have had going on let me just say THANK YOU BELLY.  After the last couple of weeks and my total exhaustion I was very concerned that I had already hit a wall.  Everything else has gone so easy I was worried this was it, my life was over for the next few months, wake me up in August and tell me when to push:)  But nope, false alarm:)  I am trying to take it much easier though so that I do keep up my energy and get to enjoy the next few months. 

I have an appointment on the 4th with my new and improved Doctor.  Other than that we are hoping to settle nicely (and quietly) into summer.  I hope everyone else is able to do the same. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

19 week ultrasound

Yesterday I had my 19 week 1 day ultrasound.  The lady was super nice and went straight to the internal ultrasound.  Not my favorite but important in measuring a ladys cervix right.  Glad she seemed to get it.  As soon as the screen came up you could see baby boy A's head right against it.  He is head first at the exit sign a little to soon.  This explains all the pressure I feel if I walk very much.  But the good news is my cervix is at 4.8 which is fantastic.  Bad news is I was having a contraction while having the u/s.  Really?  Sounds like 5 more months of false alarms and nervousness..  Hopefully my body settles down a little bit and lets me relax!!  19 weeks is way to early to be even thinking about contractions, even if they are braxton hicks!

I did find out at this appointment that my OB is moving his office to one on the other side of town.  One of the main reasons I picked this OB was because of location.  It was right down the street from my work.  Especially with a twin pregnancy I'm guessing I'll be going a lot towards the end.  I think this gives me the push (excuse) I need to change OBs.

I'm feeling exhausted most of the time which is different from my other pregnancies.  It gets frustrating because this is the time I should feel the best and have the most energy.  If I'm this tired 2nd trimester, I can't even imagine what the 3rd one will look like!!  Otherwise I'm doing great.  I can't really complain if laying around is my biggest problem:)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Contraction Action

This weekend I did as little as possible.  I figured it was time to catch up, take a nap, relax.  So Sunday we finally go to a movie at noon.  Once I settle in my chair the contractions start.  They aren't painful but they are consistent and some take my breath away.  I drank a 32 oz cup of water.  Still contractions.  We nix the shopping, go home and I drink another 32 oz cup of water then lay down.  Still contractions.  These things would just not go away and they were coming every few minutes.  Finally in the evening, worried about twins and not knowing what to worry about I head to L & D.  The machine did pick up the contractions although they weren't strong so the doctor on call decided to give me a shot of Terbutaline.  This did the trick and they sent me home.  Since my doctor appointment was Monday morning I felt comfortable with this. 

I'm seeing a new OB since mine moved shortly before the surrogacy process started.  He is very nice however he is constantly saying things like "with twins you just never know".  The problem is he never really explains all the doom and gloom of why and what is different with twins.  I know the basic concern is pre-term labor, but he also hasn't really addressed what he plans to look for or what I need to do.  Since I'm only 18 weeks I have thought at my previous appointments that the info would come as I got further along.  However, after Sunday's scare his comment after I asked what should I look for, should I have gone in was "well, if you are concerned it is good to go in".  Not the worse answer but was hoping more would follow, or he could expand upon something..really anything at this point.  I think since I see the MFM once a month he is just kind of relying on that to handle issues.  But if that is the case why am I even seeing my OB.

He did ask if I have a support person in place for when I have to give my babies up.  I explain how we are excited to be giving 'back' the babies to their parents and are looking forward to watching them together.  He says "well, your head may tell you that but your heart is a different story".  This is the doctors first experience with a surrogate so I'm not sure what he is referencing to know that I will have a breakdown and how I will feel when I give away 'my' babies?????   

I don't mind questions about surrogacy at all and part of being a surrogate I've found out is educating others around me because most people around here haven't really heard of it.  But what I didn't like is the doctor telling me how I would feel instead of asking me.  Big difference.  Tolerable from my cleaning lady who is concerned about me but not from my health care professional who is going to be delivering these babies.  UGH>  The parents come once a month for my MFM appointments but haven't yet met the OB.  I'm not sure if this attitude will change when he meets them or if we are heading in a bad direction. 

Anyway, with my first pregnancy I had a cerclage put in place because of some thinning issues early on.  My second I had one done as a precautionary measure.  After that I have had normal pregnancies but this is a Twin pregnancy and you "just never know".  My previous pregnancies braxton hicks contractions were also usually triggered by being worn out at the end of the day and go away in an hour or two.  So Sunday was a completely different experience and had me worried.  Because of this I guess at the end of my appointment after taking my blood pressure and listening to the heartbeats my doctor says I'm "doing great".  WHA???  He spent more time asking how my kids were handling this than having any concern if those contractions had any impact on my cervix.  For someone who is Mr. Doom and Gloom about twins he sure isn't doing anything about it.  And for the record my kids are very proud that we are helping another family.  (My doctor should be so smart).

I called back later and had my 20 week ultrasound moved up to this Thursday so I could get some peace of mind with my cervix.  They thought it was a good idea.  Next appointment I'm going in with a list of questions and keeping my ears open.  My hope is he will have an answer for my questions and be more comfortable with the surrogacy.  If not then I really need to change doctors I guess.  How frustrating. 

Everything else is great :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

17 week pic

I had a request for a belly shot :)  Here is 17 weeks.  I'll try to get better at posting them!!

This one is 12 weeks to compare.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Monthly MFM appointment

This morning was our monthly growth scan.  Everything looked perfect.  Baby A is measuring 18 weeks (an overachiever) and baby B was still a day ahead at 17 weeks 6 days.  They are both 8 ounces.  It is so fun to see them interacting already, although it was mostly baby A kicking baby B in the head. 

The doctor has talked about cutting out stairs if possible.  Our recliner is downstairs in our family room so I'm not sure how we will adjust to that but most everything else is on the main floor.  He compared being pregnant with twins that my heart is working the same laying down as a regular person climbing stairs so he just said to listen to my body and take it easy.

One of the dads was here for the weekend and appointment.  Watching his face watch his baby boys makes every moment worth while.    

Friday, April 27, 2012

In the clear

The wonderful nurse at our MFM office called to give me the news that everything came out perfect.  The amnio showed all normal results.  What a relief, although there wasn't anything to make us think otherwise.  I'm glad everything is perfect. 

The really nice part of her calling today is that we have the babies growth scans on Monday in their office.  It would have been very easy to just hold the results until we came in.  Super happy with this doctor office.  Since I'm starting to get over my trauma from the amnio I thought I would post a picture of the best part of that appointment:)  We have two boy shots, one for each but this was the best one of the two:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

17 weeks

How far along:  17 weeks 1day

Weight gain:  5 pounds
The babies have growth spurts over the next few weeks though so I'm sure this number is going to change very soon!

Movement:  Off and on but just light flutters
Both babies have anterior placentas and I'm completely covered across the front.  I will be happy in a few weeks when I should start to be able to feel them more.

Gender:  Two boys!  No names yet but the dads have lists started:)

Next Appointment:  I have a growth ultrasound with the MFM doctor on Monday, the 30th.  After that I have a regular appointment with my OB on May 7th.  I'm still monthly with my OB and MFM but I'm curious when that will change.  I'm finding out how different it is expecting twins vs. just one! 

What's up with my body:  I was having heartburn in the evenings but that has seemed to gone away for a bit.  Yeah!!  My hormones seem to be kicking up and I've been weepy this week.  I'm ready for that one to go away as well.  I haven't really noticed it much this pregnancy so I'm hoping it stays that way.  It is a lot easier on my family (mostly husband) if I'm somewhat normal:)  I do get full quick and food still isn't that exciting to me.  I'm also starting to look (very) pregnant.  A few people at work know what I'm doing but it is just a matter of time before my entire office is talking about it!  There are a few outfits I have that aren't quite as obvious but I guess I'm lucky I made it this long with twins.  I enjoy talking about surrogacy and am happy with what we are doing, but explaining it to several older men I'm sure is going to be interesting.  When my boss found out that I'm expecting twins he wanted to know what I'm going to do with the other one.  Really??  He said he didn't know, maybe it was like having a litter of puppies.  Believe me when I say he has been supportive of this journey, he is just clueless and doesn't really mind staying out of it. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Amnio X 2

Well, both amnios done. It was worse than I expected actually. Both placentas were anterior and covering my stomach so the doctor had to really dig through my muscle to get it. It was horrible. The second one was mentally worse because I was really expecting the worse but it wasn't near as bad. I think that is what people talk about when they say almost the same as a blood draw.
The babies heads were right there so it was also very scary but the doctor was amazing and the nurses were so supportive. I'm very achey were they dug around and had some yucky cramps. Very glad the guys agreed to bed rest.
Here is an after picture of my 16 week belly. 
I'm pretty much back to normal although I took full advantage of the 48 hours in bed. I still took it easy and had cramping Saturday night and my left side is still pretty sore. I'm sure it will take time for the muscle to heal. My husband took time off work and really took great care of me...Mostly:) The first evening he was going to leave the babies in bed with me to watch cartoons while he mowed and ran errands. Since the babies never stay still long it took about 5 minutes to show him that wouldn't work!!
My ice cream of choice right now is Ben and Jerrys Half Baked. Really I can't get enough of it which could become a problem very quickly. Up until last week I had only gained 5 pounds in 16 weeks. That is going to change I'm sure!!
The good news is at the amnio we found out that baby A is a boy. Baby B was very stubborn but I had a wonderful nurse that wanted to make sure I had something fun to leave the appointment with and finally right before I left she discovered baby B was also a boy!! Two boys!! That is exactly what the guys were hoping for (although after spending time with my 2 year old daughter they were starting to change their minds:)
Anyway, when I got home from the amnio the guys texted right away to see if I was ok. I wasn't in the mood to talk but told them everything went fine. I loved that they didn't press me to see if I found out what the babies were. I wanted to be able to enjoy telling them and at that point it was the furthest thing on my mind. Finally that evening I'd settled down, had my ice cream and got to share the news. The guys were so excited and overwhelmed that they are having boys. I'm sure it is making it so much more real to them. It was a nice to be able to celebrate it together.
The guys also surprised me with flowers the next day:) Super nice and glad everything is DONE!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Wow, I can't believe we are at 4 months already.  I'm doing great.  The only thing I am starting to notice is heartburn in the evening.  Enough to slow down my eating but not really enough for the TUMS just yet.  I think it is more of a warning of what is to come:) 

I felt some rolling around from twin B instead of just the occasional flutters last night.  I'm excited about the movement and can't wait for the time the guys will be able to feel their babies and see my stomach move. 

Tomorrow is my amnio x 2.  Nervous.. yes but more just ready to get it over with.  I'm going to take some Tylenol ahead of time.  It probably won't help much but my mental state.  I think I will feel a little more in control this way:) 

I've had some weird cravings lately like spagetti with Italian dressing.  I have never had it that way or even considered it but just had to have it last night.  It tasted great!!  Celery and peanut butter.  This is something I liked as a kid for a snack but not anything I've even thought of lately until a few days ago.  It's weird how you just suddenly know that is exactly what you want from out of nowhere.  And of course Ben and Jerrys Half Baked ice cream.  This one I know exactly where it is coming from and I need to get it under control quick or the 5 pounds I've gained so far is going to triple in one week!  I kind of lost my sweet tooth the first few months but it has returned with a daily vengence.

I'll update after my amnio so I can tell everyone how it wasn't really a big deal!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

14weeks 5days

Today was my appointment with the OB.  Everything was nice and normal.  Heartbeats were great.  We talked a little about my amnio scheduled next week.  He said the big thing I will feel is the cramping but the needle itself feels more like a regular stick (which I'm the queen of needles at this point after all the months with Lupron and PIO so what is a couple more).  However, that regular stick is in my stomach...twice!!  I'll be happy when next week comes and goes.  Anyway, very thankful for an easy quick appointment:) 

Friday, March 30, 2012

13 weeks 2 days

I had my NT scan and bloodwork drawn.  Everything looks good so far.  It was nice to have an appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor.  Because it is twins we will see him once a month for growth ultrasounds.  My next OB appointment is April 9th.  I'm also scheduled for an amnio on April 19th.  I've never known anyone that has had it done so super nervous but I'm sure it is better than it sounds!!  And my next growth ultrasound is April 30th.  In between we have a weekend planned in Chicago so I think this month is going to fly by.  Oh and I'm using rubberbands to keep my pants together.  I'm not extremely big yet but my belly does not fit in my pants.  The one last pair of jeans I had just bit the dust.  Maternity shopping is in my near future.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

11 weeks

Today is 11 weeks with the twins.  Everything is going good.  The Dr. was super nice at the appointment and the nurses seemed excited since this is their first surrogacy patient.  There has been one other in the office but she saw another doctor so they have heard about it before which I think helps and makes them curious.  I think I've been feeling a few flutters so still very early but exciting nonetheless.  My clothes are getting snug but still fit so I'm trying to enjoy a few more weeks of wearing normal clothes.
Our next appointment is March 26th for the first trimester screening.  I will be 12weeks5days. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Up to Speed

I can't believe how much has happened since I last posted.  Here are the highlights:
1/16-Transfer 2 5 day embryos
1/20-Positive POAS at 4.5dp5dt
1/25-Beta #1 156
1/27-Beta #2 359
1/30-Beta #3 1746
Sounds like a nice healthy singleton right?  I was feeling super bad for my IFs because they were expecting twins, but my beta numbers were clearly pointing to only one.  Little did I know.
2/14-Ultrasound 6 weeks 6 days    TWINS!!!!!                Happy Valentine's Day
3/2 - 2nd Ultrasound 9 weeks 2 days     STILL TWINS!!!!!!  
I have had almost no morning sickness and most days I don't really feel pregnant, except my fast growing belly.  It was super nice to see that second ultrasound and still see everything on track.  Tomorrow is my first OB appointment.  It is a new doctor to me and I'm hoping he adjusts to our situation easily. 
I'm super excited/shocked/excited/nervous/excited/terrified of expecting twins.  I know how to be pregnant with one but two will be a whole new experience.  Can't wait to see what happens.

Friday, January 6, 2012


The ED had her monitoring appointment yesterday.  Everything looked great, 8-10 follicles on each side and they are thinking a Tuesday egg retrival.  Tomorrow is another monitoring appointment and we will find out the date for sure.  I only know this because I couldn't stand it and called and got all the details.  Originally I just received an email that everything looked great and she would monitor again Saturday:)  But when you have 5 kids to plan for, work, travel you get the idea...I'm getting a little anxious. 
The plan (well, the pre-plan before the plan that I will get tomorrow) is for my husband and I to fly out Saturday, the 14th with the transfer happening Sunday the 15th and fly home the evening of the 16th.  Luckily they usually plan on a 5 day transfer so we (at this point) don't have to be there in case of a 3 day transfer..unless that changes which now that I have a pre-plan I'm beginning to wonder if I will end up with a new plan.  Anyway, we are very excited...the guys are very excited..and I'm just waiting for the next step.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A lot has happened

A LOT has happened since my last post. 

The medical screening went great. 
The guys are awesome.
Started Lupron 12/3.
Luckily the holidays have made this time fly by.  I can't believe we are already at this point.  My lining is super fluffy.  It was 11.9 on Dec. 28th so I'm done monitoring.  It feels good that everything on my side is doing what it should.  Of course now I get to wonder and worry about things completely out of my control.  The ED has monitoring on Thursday, with a planned retrieval on Monday, the 9th.  Hopefully Thursday or Friday we will know for sure so we can make flight, life arrangements.  And around the 14th we will have the transfer.  I'm really excited to be at this point.  A little nervous mostly because we can't officially plan anything yet trip wise.  It still doesn't seem real, except when I break out in a cold sweat over the idea of giving myself the PIO injection :)  The countdown is on!!  I can't wait to see the guys faces at the transfer :)  Here is to hoping we get lots of fertilized eggs!