Thursday, August 22, 2013

Half way there!

I can't believe we are already half way through this pregnancy. It is flying by. I am 19 weeks 5 days. The due date is January 11th but considering it is twins the latest I will still be pregnant is December 29th.

I have been feeling really good Restless legs and heartburn seem to be the worst of it so far. Oh and the exhaustion. It seems like it lasted forever. I've finally had a few weeks where most days I have had some energy. I'm enjoying it because I imagine by next month I will be starting to waddle around:)

Next week the dads come to town for a visit. We are so excited to have them here. We have the 20 week ultrasound, MFM appointment and OB appointment. This will be their first visit to our home town since the viability ultrasound was actually in K.C. I'm really happy that they will be meeting both doctors and we will be touring the hospital. They will also be meeting our kids for the first time. We will see how that goes...our kids will either be amazing or horrible...there is no in between:) But I know our kids are excited to meet them so I'm glad this is working out.

So far this pregnancy seems much less stressful. I think it helps having been there, done that with being pregnant with twins. I was so worried/excited last time not knowing what to expect with every little thing as well as with the surrogacy. This time although I'm still just as cautious I'm able to relax and just enjoy it more. I know very well the risks associated with twins and am hoping to avoid many of the complications that can happen but from experience I know there is a chance everything will be just fine. And I feel more confident that I'm doing everything I need to be doing so if/when something happens we will just take it as it comes.

Except when I'm thinking why the H#LL did I think I could carry twins again!!! It isn't for the faint of Give me a few weeks and I will be whining and complaining!!

I also love the surro community that has surrounded me and continues to grow from these amazing women that I now call my friends. I used to make fun of my husband for having internet connections through twitter/tumbler and would laugh when he would talk about his "friends." He reminds me all the time that I have to eat my words!!!! These women are courageous, loving, supportive, hilarious and everything we all need to get through this crazy thing called surrogacy when most IRL just think we are off our rockers. I know I've made another type of family that I will never grow out of regardless if my womb decides it has had enough.