Monday, April 30, 2012

Monthly MFM appointment

This morning was our monthly growth scan.  Everything looked perfect.  Baby A is measuring 18 weeks (an overachiever) and baby B was still a day ahead at 17 weeks 6 days.  They are both 8 ounces.  It is so fun to see them interacting already, although it was mostly baby A kicking baby B in the head. 

The doctor has talked about cutting out stairs if possible.  Our recliner is downstairs in our family room so I'm not sure how we will adjust to that but most everything else is on the main floor.  He compared being pregnant with twins that my heart is working the same laying down as a regular person climbing stairs so he just said to listen to my body and take it easy.

One of the dads was here for the weekend and appointment.  Watching his face watch his baby boys makes every moment worth while.    

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  1. You're doin' awesome! The looks on their faces at ultrasounds are THE BEST! Just wait til delivery...priceless.


    Ahem...can we get a belly pic? Pretty please?! :)