Wednesday, July 18, 2012

29 weeks

We had our appointments with the MFM and OB on Monday and our Ifs were able to attend.  Everything looks great except....Baby A, who has been head down this entire time is now breech.  UGH!!  I know there is still time for them to turn HOWEVER both babies are spooning (aww-so cute) heads up, backs to my left side, feet on my lower right side.  I'm afraid they have finally found a comfortable spot without kicking each other in the head and they may stay there for the duration. 

I also found out that my glucose test came back at 135.  So I passed...barely.  The cutoff is usually between 130-140 to make you do the 3 hour test.  Luckily my doctor isn't interested in torturing me.  Phew!! 

Our IFs went to the water park with us on Sunday and we had a fantastic day.  It is so great to see them involve the kids in everything and make them feel a part of this whole process.  It truly is a family endeavor. 

Here is the 29 week twin baby bump:

Excuse the background shot of our bathroom!!


  1. ADORABLE babies bump! :-)

    And yes, there is still time for them to turn, although I cute that they're spooning all comfy cozy in there.

  2. Sending "head down" vibes!!! Cute bump!