Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Contraction Action

This weekend I did as little as possible.  I figured it was time to catch up, take a nap, relax.  So Sunday we finally go to a movie at noon.  Once I settle in my chair the contractions start.  They aren't painful but they are consistent and some take my breath away.  I drank a 32 oz cup of water.  Still contractions.  We nix the shopping, go home and I drink another 32 oz cup of water then lay down.  Still contractions.  These things would just not go away and they were coming every few minutes.  Finally in the evening, worried about twins and not knowing what to worry about I head to L & D.  The machine did pick up the contractions although they weren't strong so the doctor on call decided to give me a shot of Terbutaline.  This did the trick and they sent me home.  Since my doctor appointment was Monday morning I felt comfortable with this. 

I'm seeing a new OB since mine moved shortly before the surrogacy process started.  He is very nice however he is constantly saying things like "with twins you just never know".  The problem is he never really explains all the doom and gloom of why and what is different with twins.  I know the basic concern is pre-term labor, but he also hasn't really addressed what he plans to look for or what I need to do.  Since I'm only 18 weeks I have thought at my previous appointments that the info would come as I got further along.  However, after Sunday's scare his comment after I asked what should I look for, should I have gone in was "well, if you are concerned it is good to go in".  Not the worse answer but was hoping more would follow, or he could expand upon something..really anything at this point.  I think since I see the MFM once a month he is just kind of relying on that to handle issues.  But if that is the case why am I even seeing my OB.

He did ask if I have a support person in place for when I have to give my babies up.  I explain how we are excited to be giving 'back' the babies to their parents and are looking forward to watching them together.  He says "well, your head may tell you that but your heart is a different story".  This is the doctors first experience with a surrogate so I'm not sure what he is referencing to know that I will have a breakdown and how I will feel when I give away 'my' babies?????   

I don't mind questions about surrogacy at all and part of being a surrogate I've found out is educating others around me because most people around here haven't really heard of it.  But what I didn't like is the doctor telling me how I would feel instead of asking me.  Big difference.  Tolerable from my cleaning lady who is concerned about me but not from my health care professional who is going to be delivering these babies.  UGH>  The parents come once a month for my MFM appointments but haven't yet met the OB.  I'm not sure if this attitude will change when he meets them or if we are heading in a bad direction. 

Anyway, with my first pregnancy I had a cerclage put in place because of some thinning issues early on.  My second I had one done as a precautionary measure.  After that I have had normal pregnancies but this is a Twin pregnancy and you "just never know".  My previous pregnancies braxton hicks contractions were also usually triggered by being worn out at the end of the day and go away in an hour or two.  So Sunday was a completely different experience and had me worried.  Because of this I guess at the end of my appointment after taking my blood pressure and listening to the heartbeats my doctor says I'm "doing great".  WHA???  He spent more time asking how my kids were handling this than having any concern if those contractions had any impact on my cervix.  For someone who is Mr. Doom and Gloom about twins he sure isn't doing anything about it.  And for the record my kids are very proud that we are helping another family.  (My doctor should be so smart).

I called back later and had my 20 week ultrasound moved up to this Thursday so I could get some peace of mind with my cervix.  They thought it was a good idea.  Next appointment I'm going in with a list of questions and keeping my ears open.  My hope is he will have an answer for my questions and be more comfortable with the surrogacy.  If not then I really need to change doctors I guess.  How frustrating. 

Everything else is great :)


  1. Phew! That IS frustrating! What a goob! :)

    I think you've got a great plan. Ask lots of questions, assess his answers and make a decision about whether or not to stay with him. It'll all turn out A.O.K. and in the meantime...tell those dang contractions to STOP! :)


  2. Ack! Hopefully your doctor does some research on surrogacy and figures out that these babies aren't yours.

    Good luck with the contractions!