Wednesday, May 30, 2012

22 Weeks

22 weeks today!  2 more weeks to viability which I never gave any thought to with my singleton pregnancies but now with twins each week seems so important.  My stomach feels completely stretch to the limits at times even though I know there is more room in there.  I'm no where near yet where I got to in my other pregnancies, I just think that I'm getting there faster so my skin is not so happy.  I fill so full all the time, or starving.  There doesn't seem to be any in between.  I'm also up 20 lbs.  It was 25 lbs. but I cut down on the Ben & Jerrys Ice 

All in all I'm doing great.  I'm still having contractions but they aren't at all consistent.  The daddies are on a babymoon.  I'm happy they scheduled it this early.  They will be back by 23 weeks.  If they had gone later in the pregnancy I would be a nervous wreck.  So I'm hoping for June to be a nice enjoyable month, and then to spend a lot of time on the couch in July catching my breath.  I'm not even thinking about August and being 31-35 weeks pregnant with twins:)  I'm curious if I'll be able to work full time until the end.  I can't imagine hauling myself from the parking garage to my office at that point!!

Honestly although I'm more nervous about being pregnant with twins there isn't much noticeable difference so far.  I'm out of breath quite a lot.  My energy comes and goes.  Nothing that would be striking enough though I think that if I hadn't known I was having twins that I would know the difference.  I am starting to feel the babies more often but even that is still pretty faint due to the anterior placentas.  And most people seemed surprised I don't look bigger.  No one seems to think I look ready to deliver yet:)  So I'm just enjoying things so far.

Here is a picture of 21 weeks after spending a few hours at the pool with the kids:

Notice the stretch marks from previous pregnancies shining through.  I hold out no hope for this one!!