Thursday, September 6, 2012

36 weeks

36 weeks. It is such a relief to hit this milestone. I feel like if I have the energy and want to do something I can actually do it without worrying. Of course I'm usually so tired there isn't much I do anyway but still:). I'm dilated to 2 and starting to thin out. I was up most of the night with contractions. They were 5 minutes apart and still painful even taking Tylenol but never got unbearable, just exhausting. I think that is what got me to a 2 today. We have a big weekend thing at the church next door where they have games and bouncy houses and BBQ and pancake feeds. It has been my goal to holdout so the kids (and I) get to enjoy it. Once Sunday afternoon comes though I would be happy to go into labor:). I can't imagine making it 2 more weeks. But I'll take whatever is best for the babies!! Ok, time for a nap!!!!!


  1. wow 36 weeks with twins is amazing! It must feel good to know they can come anytime and be perfect. I hope you get to go to your event on Sat.

  2. You're doing so awesome! It's almost time for a birthday!