Friday, December 28, 2012


We spoke with the social worker yesterday. It was fun talking about our last journey and what we are hoping for with this one. Although it seems weird trying to narrow down who we will be matched with. I hate excluding anyone but the social worker was like, geez lady help me out here! Well, not really but she was getting a little flustered because each time she thought she had a direction to go in we would change it up. The thing is whether they are gay or straight, black or white, single or married or spar everyone is deserving of being a parent. So to say no to any particular group seems weird.

We did say no to international. It worries me too much to have the parents that far away and possible language and time zone barriers. Oh except Ireland because that is where both my husband and part of my family came from so having an excuse to visit there would be great. That was my compromise with my husband:)

At the end of the call the social worker stated she has a couple from California that everyone was raving about that they had in mind for us. I still have to finalize and sign off on our commitment letter but it is exciting having a hint of what is waiting for us. The waiting for them will probably seem a hundred years longer than these next few days for us though. But so excited, will they like us, will we like them..oh crap this means needles again, etc. :)

Wish me luck!