Wednesday, June 27, 2012

26 weeks

26 weeks and I'm still doing pretty good.  When I feel great I'm great.  There are other times though where I can't actually stand up without help, have little jabbing pains (be nice babies!), am out of breath and the swelling has started.  I'm still forgetting those moments mostly in the day to day and tell everyone that asks how easy it has been so far carrying 2 :)  I'm sure that may shift in the coming weeks but I'm enjoying it for now.  I think the fact that I'm still sleeping great all night helps!

I will say that the travelling WORE ME OUT.  We had cancelled/delayed flights, lots of lines and layovers that we didn't plan on.  I spent Monday sleeping just trying to catch up with it all.  Glad this is our last trip for the summer. 

We spent this past weekend visiting the daddies.  They both were able to feel their baby boys kicking.  What a great feeling for us.  These are the moments that make all this worthwhile, fun and exciting!  I don't think people understand how humbled we are to be given the responsibility to carry this wonderful couple's babies. 

Here is a picture of one of the daddies feeling their babies move for the first time:

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