Friday, January 6, 2012


The ED had her monitoring appointment yesterday.  Everything looked great, 8-10 follicles on each side and they are thinking a Tuesday egg retrival.  Tomorrow is another monitoring appointment and we will find out the date for sure.  I only know this because I couldn't stand it and called and got all the details.  Originally I just received an email that everything looked great and she would monitor again Saturday:)  But when you have 5 kids to plan for, work, travel you get the idea...I'm getting a little anxious. 
The plan (well, the pre-plan before the plan that I will get tomorrow) is for my husband and I to fly out Saturday, the 14th with the transfer happening Sunday the 15th and fly home the evening of the 16th.  Luckily they usually plan on a 5 day transfer so we (at this point) don't have to be there in case of a 3 day transfer..unless that changes which now that I have a pre-plan I'm beginning to wonder if I will end up with a new plan.  Anyway, we are very excited...the guys are very excited..and I'm just waiting for the next step.

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