Monday, April 30, 2012

Monthly MFM appointment

This morning was our monthly growth scan.  Everything looked perfect.  Baby A is measuring 18 weeks (an overachiever) and baby B was still a day ahead at 17 weeks 6 days.  They are both 8 ounces.  It is so fun to see them interacting already, although it was mostly baby A kicking baby B in the head. 

The doctor has talked about cutting out stairs if possible.  Our recliner is downstairs in our family room so I'm not sure how we will adjust to that but most everything else is on the main floor.  He compared being pregnant with twins that my heart is working the same laying down as a regular person climbing stairs so he just said to listen to my body and take it easy.

One of the dads was here for the weekend and appointment.  Watching his face watch his baby boys makes every moment worth while.    

Friday, April 27, 2012

In the clear

The wonderful nurse at our MFM office called to give me the news that everything came out perfect.  The amnio showed all normal results.  What a relief, although there wasn't anything to make us think otherwise.  I'm glad everything is perfect. 

The really nice part of her calling today is that we have the babies growth scans on Monday in their office.  It would have been very easy to just hold the results until we came in.  Super happy with this doctor office.  Since I'm starting to get over my trauma from the amnio I thought I would post a picture of the best part of that appointment:)  We have two boy shots, one for each but this was the best one of the two:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

17 weeks

How far along:  17 weeks 1day

Weight gain:  5 pounds
The babies have growth spurts over the next few weeks though so I'm sure this number is going to change very soon!

Movement:  Off and on but just light flutters
Both babies have anterior placentas and I'm completely covered across the front.  I will be happy in a few weeks when I should start to be able to feel them more.

Gender:  Two boys!  No names yet but the dads have lists started:)

Next Appointment:  I have a growth ultrasound with the MFM doctor on Monday, the 30th.  After that I have a regular appointment with my OB on May 7th.  I'm still monthly with my OB and MFM but I'm curious when that will change.  I'm finding out how different it is expecting twins vs. just one! 

What's up with my body:  I was having heartburn in the evenings but that has seemed to gone away for a bit.  Yeah!!  My hormones seem to be kicking up and I've been weepy this week.  I'm ready for that one to go away as well.  I haven't really noticed it much this pregnancy so I'm hoping it stays that way.  It is a lot easier on my family (mostly husband) if I'm somewhat normal:)  I do get full quick and food still isn't that exciting to me.  I'm also starting to look (very) pregnant.  A few people at work know what I'm doing but it is just a matter of time before my entire office is talking about it!  There are a few outfits I have that aren't quite as obvious but I guess I'm lucky I made it this long with twins.  I enjoy talking about surrogacy and am happy with what we are doing, but explaining it to several older men I'm sure is going to be interesting.  When my boss found out that I'm expecting twins he wanted to know what I'm going to do with the other one.  Really??  He said he didn't know, maybe it was like having a litter of puppies.  Believe me when I say he has been supportive of this journey, he is just clueless and doesn't really mind staying out of it. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Amnio X 2

Well, both amnios done. It was worse than I expected actually. Both placentas were anterior and covering my stomach so the doctor had to really dig through my muscle to get it. It was horrible. The second one was mentally worse because I was really expecting the worse but it wasn't near as bad. I think that is what people talk about when they say almost the same as a blood draw.
The babies heads were right there so it was also very scary but the doctor was amazing and the nurses were so supportive. I'm very achey were they dug around and had some yucky cramps. Very glad the guys agreed to bed rest.
Here is an after picture of my 16 week belly. 
I'm pretty much back to normal although I took full advantage of the 48 hours in bed. I still took it easy and had cramping Saturday night and my left side is still pretty sore. I'm sure it will take time for the muscle to heal. My husband took time off work and really took great care of me...Mostly:) The first evening he was going to leave the babies in bed with me to watch cartoons while he mowed and ran errands. Since the babies never stay still long it took about 5 minutes to show him that wouldn't work!!
My ice cream of choice right now is Ben and Jerrys Half Baked. Really I can't get enough of it which could become a problem very quickly. Up until last week I had only gained 5 pounds in 16 weeks. That is going to change I'm sure!!
The good news is at the amnio we found out that baby A is a boy. Baby B was very stubborn but I had a wonderful nurse that wanted to make sure I had something fun to leave the appointment with and finally right before I left she discovered baby B was also a boy!! Two boys!! That is exactly what the guys were hoping for (although after spending time with my 2 year old daughter they were starting to change their minds:)
Anyway, when I got home from the amnio the guys texted right away to see if I was ok. I wasn't in the mood to talk but told them everything went fine. I loved that they didn't press me to see if I found out what the babies were. I wanted to be able to enjoy telling them and at that point it was the furthest thing on my mind. Finally that evening I'd settled down, had my ice cream and got to share the news. The guys were so excited and overwhelmed that they are having boys. I'm sure it is making it so much more real to them. It was a nice to be able to celebrate it together.
The guys also surprised me with flowers the next day:) Super nice and glad everything is DONE!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Wow, I can't believe we are at 4 months already.  I'm doing great.  The only thing I am starting to notice is heartburn in the evening.  Enough to slow down my eating but not really enough for the TUMS just yet.  I think it is more of a warning of what is to come:) 

I felt some rolling around from twin B instead of just the occasional flutters last night.  I'm excited about the movement and can't wait for the time the guys will be able to feel their babies and see my stomach move. 

Tomorrow is my amnio x 2.  Nervous.. yes but more just ready to get it over with.  I'm going to take some Tylenol ahead of time.  It probably won't help much but my mental state.  I think I will feel a little more in control this way:) 

I've had some weird cravings lately like spagetti with Italian dressing.  I have never had it that way or even considered it but just had to have it last night.  It tasted great!!  Celery and peanut butter.  This is something I liked as a kid for a snack but not anything I've even thought of lately until a few days ago.  It's weird how you just suddenly know that is exactly what you want from out of nowhere.  And of course Ben and Jerrys Half Baked ice cream.  This one I know exactly where it is coming from and I need to get it under control quick or the 5 pounds I've gained so far is going to triple in one week!  I kind of lost my sweet tooth the first few months but it has returned with a daily vengence.

I'll update after my amnio so I can tell everyone how it wasn't really a big deal!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

14weeks 5days

Today was my appointment with the OB.  Everything was nice and normal.  Heartbeats were great.  We talked a little about my amnio scheduled next week.  He said the big thing I will feel is the cramping but the needle itself feels more like a regular stick (which I'm the queen of needles at this point after all the months with Lupron and PIO so what is a couple more).  However, that regular stick is in my stomach...twice!!  I'll be happy when next week comes and goes.  Anyway, very thankful for an easy quick appointment:)