Friday, May 11, 2012

19 week ultrasound

Yesterday I had my 19 week 1 day ultrasound.  The lady was super nice and went straight to the internal ultrasound.  Not my favorite but important in measuring a ladys cervix right.  Glad she seemed to get it.  As soon as the screen came up you could see baby boy A's head right against it.  He is head first at the exit sign a little to soon.  This explains all the pressure I feel if I walk very much.  But the good news is my cervix is at 4.8 which is fantastic.  Bad news is I was having a contraction while having the u/s.  Really?  Sounds like 5 more months of false alarms and nervousness..  Hopefully my body settles down a little bit and lets me relax!!  19 weeks is way to early to be even thinking about contractions, even if they are braxton hicks!

I did find out at this appointment that my OB is moving his office to one on the other side of town.  One of the main reasons I picked this OB was because of location.  It was right down the street from my work.  Especially with a twin pregnancy I'm guessing I'll be going a lot towards the end.  I think this gives me the push (excuse) I need to change OBs.

I'm feeling exhausted most of the time which is different from my other pregnancies.  It gets frustrating because this is the time I should feel the best and have the most energy.  If I'm this tired 2nd trimester, I can't even imagine what the 3rd one will look like!!  Otherwise I'm doing great.  I can't really complain if laying around is my biggest problem:)


  1. 19 weeks! Girl, you're more than half way there!

    Can't say I'm sad to see you go with another OB....


  2. Enjoy your downtime as best as you can!