Thursday, April 26, 2012

17 weeks

How far along:  17 weeks 1day

Weight gain:  5 pounds
The babies have growth spurts over the next few weeks though so I'm sure this number is going to change very soon!

Movement:  Off and on but just light flutters
Both babies have anterior placentas and I'm completely covered across the front.  I will be happy in a few weeks when I should start to be able to feel them more.

Gender:  Two boys!  No names yet but the dads have lists started:)

Next Appointment:  I have a growth ultrasound with the MFM doctor on Monday, the 30th.  After that I have a regular appointment with my OB on May 7th.  I'm still monthly with my OB and MFM but I'm curious when that will change.  I'm finding out how different it is expecting twins vs. just one! 

What's up with my body:  I was having heartburn in the evenings but that has seemed to gone away for a bit.  Yeah!!  My hormones seem to be kicking up and I've been weepy this week.  I'm ready for that one to go away as well.  I haven't really noticed it much this pregnancy so I'm hoping it stays that way.  It is a lot easier on my family (mostly husband) if I'm somewhat normal:)  I do get full quick and food still isn't that exciting to me.  I'm also starting to look (very) pregnant.  A few people at work know what I'm doing but it is just a matter of time before my entire office is talking about it!  There are a few outfits I have that aren't quite as obvious but I guess I'm lucky I made it this long with twins.  I enjoy talking about surrogacy and am happy with what we are doing, but explaining it to several older men I'm sure is going to be interesting.  When my boss found out that I'm expecting twins he wanted to know what I'm going to do with the other one.  Really??  He said he didn't know, maybe it was like having a litter of puppies.  Believe me when I say he has been supportive of this journey, he is just clueless and doesn't really mind staying out of it. 

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  1. I hope your hormones settle in and the weepy week is over quickly! Im only 5 weeks along as a surrogate for my best friends right now, but I am thinking ahead of what/how I will tell people and what reactions to expect. I must say your boss' response was hilarious! I laughed outloud! Hope your week continues to be great!