Wednesday, August 22, 2012

34 weeks today!

What a huge twin pregnancy milestone. I'm so relieved we made it this far. The dads have bought out the baby stores, taken baby care 101 classes, they have infant CPR this weekend. Everything seems to be falling into place and we are actually going to be delivering these babies soon! The babies are 4 1/2 pounds and almost 5 lbs. Everyone is super excited. For those of you wondering the differences of twin pregnancy versus a singleton my experience has been very much the same until about 32 weeks. I think my body pretty much felt like it hit full term. Very tired, lots of contractions, hard to sleep because my hips were pretty sore. At 33 weeks my doctor took me off work and that has been a tremendous help. It shocked me initially but I am very thankful now. Getting lots of rest has helped. We have also had someone come in to help me in the evenings when my husband is out of town for work and she prepares all our meals. All of these things have been crucial to being content to letting these babies continue baking a little while longer. The other big difference is that these stubborn boys I'm carrying seem determined to stay bottoms down. The doctor finally scheduled me a C Section for September 18th, week 38. In the meantime we are hoping (but not holding our breath) that baby A will turn head down. At least this gives me a few weeks to mentally prepare for the possibility of surgery which I haven't experienced before. The biggest thing is that these boys are born healthy and happy and we are almost there! Side note: even though I am getting SO big I don't seem to have that scary twin belly that I've seen from googling twin bellies:). Huge relief!


  1. a. post a belly pic.!

    b. i hope you don't have to have surgery :/

    c. how exciting!!!

  2. Belly Pic! Belly Pic! Belly Pic!!!


  3. I agree-BELLY PIC!! And congrats on the 34 week milestone! Almost done!!

  4. Have you tried spinning the babies?

    There is still time for them to flip, believe it it not. My friend was pregnant with twins and at 36wks during a checkup baby A was breech. That evening she went into labor and baby A had flipped!!!! Its totally possible. Just stay positive and do all you can naturally to try and get them to flip. Best of luck!

    And yes, we'd love to see a belly pic!

  5. Let's compare our bellies! Glad to hear all is going well. I'm hoping I can get the a-ok to stop working soon. I have a reduced work order but no work would be ideal. By the time I get myself ready in the morning and my girls off to the bus I'm ready for a nap and the last thing I want to do is "go" to work (home daycare). Hope we can both get these lil surroguys we're carrying to cooperate so we can avoid a c/s.