Monday, November 19, 2012

What's next

It's been 9 weeks since the babies were born. I have 2 friends that are getting ready to be matched this week. One of them was slightly ahead of me and the other is a first time GS. If you had asked me when I started previously I hadn't given any thought to a second journey. I just felt excited and happy to be given the opportunity to help out a family. Now, watching them has got my husband and I excited to think about another journey for ourselves. I have submitted the paperwork. Not much to do at this point since the earliest I could transfer would be March but I'm hoping to have everything done and maybe even match by the end of December. We all know how long these things can take and it would be great to have everything in place:) 3 months is an optomistic view of screenings, contracts, syncing cycles, starting meds, etc. etc. so I can't wait!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birth story part 2

09/13 9:08p.m.
My first nurse after the babies were born wanted to bring them straight into my room, give them a bath and everything. We said no, they should go to the guys room. Then she wanted me to make all the decisions with shots and stuff. My husband finally took her aside and said look,they are the parents, please don't bother my wife with this stuff. She was very nice but just didn't quite get it. After he talked to her it was like a light bulb went on.
Other than some confusion on where the babies go after the birth the hospital staff were amazing. Everyone loved coming in and talking to us and asking questions and getting to know the dads. The dads were in our room as much as I was up for. I have to admit I enjoyed my little break from the kids at home to recuperate and enjoy some alone time with my husband. It was such a bonding experience for us which we didn't expect but enjoyed every moment. It was great to focus on us and talk and laugh and lock ourselves away together for a little while. I really loved seeing the babies with their dads but I didn't really need to see or hold the babies for me. I have my own babies. It is kind of like visiting a friend that just gave birth. You are so excited to see them together but you don't want to take the baby away.
09/15 12:08p.m.
Getting ready to go home from the hospital. Babies were just circumcised. Eating some lunch and then we will have our entourage moved home. The guys are staying with us until they leave Wednesday morning. I think it will be fun to have the kids interact with the babies before they go. The IF's mother that is here is staying at a hotel so she comes for the afternoon and then goes back. The guys are loving every second of babies and also enjoyed their sleep both nights with babies in the nursery so tonight at home will be their first full 24 hours. Wish them luck:)
09/19 10:42a.m.
The guys are furiously packing while my husband and I are relaxing. We had a wonderful last night, planted a tree together, amazing family time with all our family plus theirs. But we are ready to relax and get back to normal. I think them staying with us was really nice, we felt like we have had plenty of time together and got to help them. But we know they are very ready to introduce the boys to their life back home and we are very happy for them. The hospital staff was amazing and made us feel very welcome. It was much easier and more natural than I thought. We are so lucky to have been a part of making this family.
09/23 5:09p.m.
I put on 47 pounds for this pregnancy and all but 9 pounds are gone so far. This cold, as terrible as it has been has probably helped that also. But it is very nice to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and will make going back to work so much easier. I was so worried about how I would feel about myself post pregnancy without any babies to lug around and blame :) but so far so good!
10/22 11:24a.m.
I returned to work at 4 weeks after delivery. I could have gone sooner but didn't want to rush it because of the horrible cold/flu I got. Work was great, they had someone fill my job as a temp so there was no pressure to come back except the pressure I put on myself. It was nice to get back and feel comfortable that everyone was ok with me being gone. We get pictures almost daily from the guys and they call every few days. It is great to see and hear the happiness we were lucky enough to be a part of creating. My husband and I are talking about doing this again:)
Post pregnancy is much easier than I expected. That was the part I was most concerned about going in. I really noticied getting my body back, appreciating sleeping on my stomach, time with my kids, sleeping through the night. I have to say the road to a quick recovery is sleep. I could have gone back to work after a week or two if I had to. It is a lot easier recovering after a surro pregnancy. And I'm loving updates and pictures of the babies but I appreciate not having all that work!!!
Everything about this experience has been amazing. We have what is sure to be a lifelong friendship with our new extended family.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birth Story

I can't believe it has been 8 weeks already since we had these babies. I had been updating on my agencies forum and didn't realize I completely missed updating here. Here is my last belly picture at 37 weeks:
09/13 1:45p.m. Dilated to a 4. Waiting on the doctor to break the first bag of water. Epidural in place. Guys are super excited but it is nice they aren't impatient about how long it will take. The epidural did take a couple of tries and I had a scare but all has calmed down and I'm much better now and looking forward to introducing the babies to their daddies. We just got the ok that both dads can be in the operating room for the delivery with my husband which is big news! After I posted this the doctor came in about 3:30p.m. to break my water. I think I was still at a 4 or 5. After that things really started moving. The doctor checked me again and I was at a 7 so they decided to move us to the operating room. The guys and my husband got on their fancy scrubs, took lots of pictures of themselves and then we got moving. I was worried that the operating room would be less personal and intimidating but knew it was a necessity with twins. While it was when we first arrived, such a bright steril room we were soon surrounded by about 10 of the most excited nurses and doctors that it was a great experience. The worse part was when they moved me to the other bed, my husband was holding my leg and put it down without paying attention (he forgot I was completely numb) and it dropped off the side of the bed banging around as it went:) It is nice to have something to hold over him...remember that time... anyway then they moved me and they couldn't figure out the other bed and they had me turned on my side, 5 people holding me and I kept thinking I was going to fall (after all my leg had already taken a tumble). Once that was sorted out we got moving. At first the guys stayed against the wall nervous and out of the way but once I started pushing they were right there encouraging me on and of course my husband was my rock through the entire thing. It took about 3 pushes and baby A was born at 5:17p.m. weighing 5lbs1oz. Then baby B started having trouble with low heartrate caused by the cord being tangled so even though my contractions hadn't started back up we got to work. I was not going to have a C-Section after making it this far so I pushed with everything I had and with the help of our amazing doctor and my husband coaching me through baby B was out by 5:31p.m. at 6lbs1oz. Suddenly the guys had the whole operating room crying because they just were in such disbelief that everything they had been waiting for was right in front of them. Also they had talked one of the operating room nurses to become their film crew so they were able to get the whole thing recorded (except my parts I didn't want to disclose) and she stayed with them for about an hour after the birth:) After that we went back to our room exhausted and happy and ready to eat. The guys requested a room right across the hall and got to work being parents.