Friday, January 6, 2012


The ED had her monitoring appointment yesterday.  Everything looked great, 8-10 follicles on each side and they are thinking a Tuesday egg retrival.  Tomorrow is another monitoring appointment and we will find out the date for sure.  I only know this because I couldn't stand it and called and got all the details.  Originally I just received an email that everything looked great and she would monitor again Saturday:)  But when you have 5 kids to plan for, work, travel you get the idea...I'm getting a little anxious. 
The plan (well, the pre-plan before the plan that I will get tomorrow) is for my husband and I to fly out Saturday, the 14th with the transfer happening Sunday the 15th and fly home the evening of the 16th.  Luckily they usually plan on a 5 day transfer so we (at this point) don't have to be there in case of a 3 day transfer..unless that changes which now that I have a pre-plan I'm beginning to wonder if I will end up with a new plan.  Anyway, we are very excited...the guys are very excited..and I'm just waiting for the next step.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A lot has happened

A LOT has happened since my last post. 

The medical screening went great. 
The guys are awesome.
Started Lupron 12/3.
Luckily the holidays have made this time fly by.  I can't believe we are already at this point.  My lining is super fluffy.  It was 11.9 on Dec. 28th so I'm done monitoring.  It feels good that everything on my side is doing what it should.  Of course now I get to wonder and worry about things completely out of my control.  The ED has monitoring on Thursday, with a planned retrieval on Monday, the 9th.  Hopefully Thursday or Friday we will know for sure so we can make flight, life arrangements.  And around the 14th we will have the transfer.  I'm really excited to be at this point.  A little nervous mostly because we can't officially plan anything yet trip wise.  It still doesn't seem real, except when I break out in a cold sweat over the idea of giving myself the PIO injection :)  The countdown is on!!  I can't wait to see the guys faces at the transfer :)  Here is to hoping we get lots of fertilized eggs!