Monday, September 12, 2011


My husband and I just completed the screening with the Social Worker from the agency.  It went great.  My appointment was around 2 1/2 hours and my husband's was close to 1 hour.  We spent time covering all my 38 years, relationships, children, lifestyles.  I sit and wonder what I didn't say about myself that I would like the IPs to know, what I said out of nervousness that isn't really me and just in general what kind of picture we painted of ourselves and family.  This is what someone is going to use to base their decision on who will have their baby.  I also wondered at the end of the conversation would we pick me to have our baby:)
There was also a lot of details about the process and things to think about as far as what we would like our journey to look like, what kind of people would we fit with.  It would need to be someone that can learn to love our loud, boisterous family and share in our laughter.   
Just as we are excitedly awaiting a profile of a couple to share the next year of our life with, someone out there is anxiously awaiting news that there is a surrogate for them.  I'm sure the waiting for them is 10 times what we feel anticipating the next steps.  I remind myself of that every once in awhile and it keeps me patient.
We are supposed to receive 2 profiles to review anytime.  Legal is making sure they are an appropriate fit before they send them which is important but knowing they are out there and not being able to review them is torture:)  We do know they are 2 sets of IFs from New York City.  What if we love them both?  Without knowing what the profiles entail it is hard to know what we will use to base our decisions on.  What will be that one thing that makes us say YES, they are the ones for us!! 
I wondered aloud to my husband if they may know a couple who our friend is embarking on a second journey with that are IFs from New York also and he looked at me like I'm crazy.  Yes, I know New York is a big city.  This just seems like such a small group that it seemed possible for a minute.  A very short minute:) 
Also this week I am going to be set up for my MMPI (psych evaluation).  It is supposed to take around 45 minutes and I will complete it while on Skype with a Social Worker.  I think having someone stare at me while I'm taking it may make me feel a little crazy.  What if I laugh at the questions out loud?  Anyway, it's nice to keep checking these steps off the list. 

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