Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still feeling good

I took the MMPI Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. The Dr. giving the test said I should hear back from the agency by the end of the week. I fully prepared myself to hear Friday how it went, maybe hoping to look at profiles next week. That seems to be about how the process is moving, a good steady pace. Tuesday afternoon and on to Wednesday morning I relaxed thinking we had the week break while the agency did their thing. I pulled up outside our babysitter's house and my email dinged. I looked down at my phone and my who heart jumped a beat. The title read Profile. I got the babies out and settled in with Shawna, who is amazing by the way and still couldn't open the email. I stopped and got breakfast, which I couldn't eat, still no email, then pulled into work. STILL didn't open the email. By the time I reached my desk at work I was laughing at myself. I knew when I told my husband he wouldn't believe it. I open/handle/respond to everything immediately. Why couldn't I open this email? When you have something you have been dreaming about and working towards for 2 months, but feels like you've been meant for this moment your whole life its sureal to have it right in front of you. I'm very glad in hindsight this time has passed since my husband and I started this process. It seems we learn more about it every day, good and bad, UPS and downs to help us understand something that we couldn't possibly truely understand until we are looking back on our time. I received the email at 0754, I read it for the first time at 930. And had tears in my eyes and happiness in my heart. These people are awesome. After being up until 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning going over every detail, guessing, dreaming we had one final call with our social worker and knew they were the ones. So, now we wait. I'm so calm. I hope they love us, but it is out of our hands. I do know 100% we made the right decision by picking them.

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