Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I haven't updated this for awhile so let me catch you up!!

Matched with amazing IFs from California. My husband and I really enjoyed our time out there and getting to know the dads. They are so excited.

Screened on Valentine's Day.

Transferred April 27th of two perfect embryos.

Crazy high nervous one of the embies split.

May 28th TWO heartbeats confirmed!! Pregnant with twins...AGAIN!! Both dads are over the moon with excitement. They were able to attend the appointment so it was extra special.

Today 15 weeks 3 days pregnant.

Weight gain 5 pounds.

Feeling little flutters but nothing regular yet.

MFM NT scan looked perfect. Babies are right on track.

My first OB visit was Monday and my OB hugged me and is so excited I'm back and doing it again. I think he loves it as much as us. Of course it helps that my husband makes him laugh:)

The guys are coming down at the end of August for the 20 week appointments and will meet our OB and our MFM. Afterward we will do the hospital tour and NICU tour.

They also want to have us back to Cali at the end of September but need to arrange their work schedules. So we are waiting to get the go ahead for that.

I have been feeling great. No morning sickness and everything seems to be on track. It is kinda fun comparing how I am now to my blog during my first surrogacy. I need to keep this up more!!


  1. Awesome news! Congratulations!

  2. I didn't know your IF's were from Cali! What part of Cali are they in?