Monday, September 16, 2013

23 weeks with TWINS

We just got back from a wedding in Canada. It was fantastic!! I did pretty well except the flight home my legs were really bothering me. I'm still getting around fairly well but bending over is just about out. I also have to sit down once or twice when I am getting ready for work in the moring but still manageable.

The babies are moving quite a bit more so we can't wait to see the dads in a week and a half so they can feel their babies!! Our next appointments are September 27th and then we fly out to L.A. I really haven't had anything in the way of contractions except a few minor braxton hicks so assuming everything is looking good! It seems to me I'm doing much better versus this time last time so crossing my fingers it stays this way. The scale this morning after our weekend away says I'm up 20 pounds overall but that might be a little inflated. I'm hoping it evens out closer to the 16 pounds I was at on Friday:)


  1. So excited for your trip out west and visit with the dads! Scary to have BH already, isn't it??? Yikes.

    As for the weight gain... can't do a darn thing about it... why fret?

  2. How exciting for the dads to feel the baby soon! That's one of the best parts.

  3. O my gosh - you're just moving right along! You are growing TWO human beings, who cares about those extra 4 pounds :)